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James Irwin
PO Box 6393
Columbia, SC  29260


Note: James Irwin is no longer publishing the newsletter, but these issues are provided online as a public service

Newsletter Issues

March 11, 2002
  Page 1: Meet Your Tiger Mosquito
What Are We Spraying For?
     How effective is Mosquito spraying?
   Page 2: Malathion-The Insecticide Sprayed Here
   Page 3: Malathion a Carcinogen?
  Page 4: Is Ending Spraying Political Poison?
   Page 5 To Control Tiger Mosquito...
   Page 6: Mosquito Spraying and Bioterrorism
     Contamination Happens
   Page 7: Chemical and Biological Terrorism
     Sprayed Biological Agents Invade Residences
   Page 8: It's time to end Columbia's Toxic Tradition!
     City and County Contacts

April 15, 2002 

   Page 1: Columbia to Switch Mosquito Control

   Page 2: Gulf War Syndrome
   Page 3: How "Perm"anent is "Perm"ethrin?
   Page 4: Spraying Ineffective, question value, failure in NY
   Page 5  Cornell also questions spraying, Atlanta says no
   Page 6: Epidemiologist recommends against spraying, even      during Fiji dengue epidemic.
   Page 7: The Media Conundrum
   Page 8:  It's time to end Columbia's Toxic Tradition!
     City and County Contacts

May, 21, 2002

   Page 1: City Council Temporarily Bans Mosquito
     Spraying,  Setting the Story Straight
  Page 2: Mosquito Spraying and West Nile Virus
  Page 3: Shift Away from Spraying for WNV
   Page 4: The Facts on WNV, One Time Deal,
     A Disease of Birds
   Page 5: A Startling Find in Louisiana
     Are Mosquitoes Here Resistant?
  Page 6: Spray or Get Sued?
   Page 7: Meet Your Mosquitoes: Culex quinquefasciatus

     (southern house mosquito),  Aedes vexans
   Page 8: Aedes albopictus (the tiger mosquito) and
     Psorophora ferox

March 8, 2003

Part 1:  The Year West Nile Virus Arrived (sort of)

Part 2:  More Questions About Spraying’s Effectiveness Against West Nile

Part 3:  2002 Local Mosquito Spraying Roundup

Part 4:  EPA Toxicologist Rips EPA’s Malathion Risk Assessment

Part 5:  References and Explanatory Notes


May, 21, 2002

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Adult Mosquito Laying Eggs in Container Water

Mosquito larvae in container water

Adulticide failure

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An Exercise in Futility

One and a half hours after the county sprayed

Why not deal with the REAL problem?

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dscn9060.jpg (40786 bytes)
Water and litter-filled ditches!


(Informational, no endorsement implied)

Pesticide Toxicology Information

Journal of Pesticide Reform   USA

National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides    USA

Extoxnet: (Extension Toxicology Network)   OR  USA    database of pesticide effects

Pesticide Action Network  Europe

Rachel Carson Council     Info on pesticide effects, alternatives to pesticides   USA

PEX: Human health and pesticide effects   Europe


West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus and Mosquito Control Practices  State University of New York at Stony Brook

Blowing the Whistle on West Nile Virus    Dr. Josehph Mercola "Pesticides pose a greater health threat than West Nile Virus."


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Violations of Label Directions in a SC Public Mosquito Spray Program, Lead to Loss of Pollinators (Bees)  SC USA

Factsheets on Controlling Pests Without Pesticides    Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides   USA

Dragonflies are predators of mosquitoes, both as larvae in the water and as adults. Spraying adulticides kills dragonflies. Here are some links to dragonfly information:
Documentation of cotton spraying wiping out great numbers of dragonflies

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