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No Spray News

James Irwin
PO Box 6393
Columbia, SC  29260


April 15, 2002      Page 8

It's Time To End Columbia's
"Toxic Tradition"

   Please write or e-mail Richland County Council or Columbia City Council (as applicable), and urge that they end funding for adult mosquito spraying. Two or three sentences will suffice, and a person- al anecdote about your health or other problems related to mosquito spraying makes a nice addition.

City Council Address:
Libby Gober
Assistant to City Council
City of Columbia
P.O. Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217
County Council Address:
Marsheika Martin
Clerk of County Council
Richland County
2020 Hampton St.
Columbia, SC 29204

   Attach a note to the clerk asking her to "Please Distribute copies of this letter to members of City (or County) Council."

Questions or Comments?  Please give me a call - James Irwin (803) 782-7114